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Videos, Documents, Social Media

This page is regularly updated with the addition of new videos, documents and social media updates.


A selection of videos from Light House Psychology YouTube Channel.


Psychological Therapy-Related Documents.

Therapy Diagram
ABC Thought Record
Cognitive Distortions
Nervous System
Valued Living
Breathing & Feelings
Example Therapy Agreement
Anxiety Information
Time Line
Assertiveness & Self-Esteem
Present Moment Guide
Cutting Down Alcohol Tips
Stopping Alcohol Tips
ACT with Video Links
Distress Tolerance
Regulating Emotions

Miscellaneous Psychology-Related Images.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Feelings Wheel
The Guest House by Rumi
Quick Mindfulness Exercise
Ingredients for Wellbeing
Don't Worry About People Judging You
Resolving Conflict
You Can Do It One Step At A Time
Psychology Cartoon Humour "Radio"
Psychology Cartoon Humour "Stress Disposal"
Psychology Cartoon Humour "The Office"

Social Media

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Your privacy is of utmost importance and all your information remains entirely confidential, with two exceptions:

1. When you/another is at serious risk - relevant professionals may need to be informed to ensure safety. 

2. When information is shared indicating a criminal offence has been or is planned to be committed - relevant authorities may need to be informed.

Please see the Confidentiality Agreement for more details.

Risk Contacts

If you or another are at risk and require urgent support, please contact your GP and one or more of the following:

Call 111 NHS non-urgent medical 24/7. Text 85258 Shout text support 24/7. Call 999 or go to your local Hospital A&E.

Regrettably, I am unable to respond to emergencies or urgent situations that require immediate support.