Magnificent Creatures Blog
Being in nature and with or near animals is known to have an emotionally calming effect on us human beings and sometimes this can be very profound - the obvious caveat is that either the animals do not pose a danger to us or we are not too close! But, generally, we love animals and […]
Addiction Blog
Addiction – why is it hard to change? At the end of this blog is a link to the YouTube video which is the audio version of this discussion of addiction. Sometimes it can be helpful to read the words on the page and hear them being spoken at the same time. From a psychology […]
Criticising and Pacifying in Relationships
You don't have to justify yourself or your existence to anyone. Not now. Not tomorrow. Not ever.  For those that like to listen to the words being spoken whilst reading, there is a YouTube video to accompany this blog: Why is it important not to justify yourself, as this message implies? The main reason is […]
Healing with the Archetypes
Twelve Archetypes for Powerful Personal Development & Emotional Healing Watch and listen to the video if you would like to hear the following blog spoken with images. Archetypes are foundational stories that can help us make sense of our experience as human beings. They are believed to have developed over millions of years of collective […]